• Waratah

    State flower of NSW the magnificent Australian Native Waratah.

  • Boots and Repairs

    Emma outside the Tenterfield Saddler store in Carcoar ... used in the movie about Peter Allen.

  • Fireworks

    Fireworks display at the Penrith Show

  • Way to go

    Morning fog in Cook Park Orange as the first blooms of daffodils brighten an otherwise sombre scene.

  • Feeling Left Out

    Winter evening on the Shipley Plateau and the cold rain and mist heralds an uncomfortable night ahead, especially when you don't have a rug.

  • Yarramundi Farm in Winter

    Yarramundi Farm in Winter as the smoke from Hazard Reduction burns in the Kurrajong area float across the landscape.

  • One Tree Hill

    Standing alone in the meadows around Kangaloon in the Southern Highlands of NSW where traditional rock walls are used as fencing.

  • Highlands Winter

    Middle of Winter in at Kangaloon in the Southern highlands of NSW and whilst most of the trees have shed their leaves, some are clingling onto the last remnants of Autumn.

  • Crab Tracks

    Crab tracks and sand balls on Khao Lak Beach Thailand.