• Fireworks

    Fireworks display at the Penrith Show

  • Way to go

    Morning fog in Cook Park Orange as the first blooms of daffodils brighten an otherwise sombre scene.

  • Feeling Left Out

    Winter evening on the Shipley Plateau and the cold rain and mist heralds an uncomfortable night ahead, especially when you don't have a rug.

  • Yarramundi Farm in Winter

    Yarramundi Farm in Winter as the smoke from Hazard Reduction burns in the Kurrajong area float across the landscape.

  • Letting Off Steam

    3642 about to depart from Tarana Station.

  • Blowing Snow on Lake Lyell

    Snow clouds, carried by a strong wind, race across Lake Lyell near Lithgow in the NSW Central Tablelands. Two horses in the nearby paddock look decidedly uncomfortable.

  • Highlands Winter

    Middle of Winter in at Kangaloon in the Southern highlands of NSW and whilst most of the trees have shed their leaves, some are clingling onto the last remnants of Autumn.

  • Crab Tracks

    Crab tracks and sand balls on Khao Lak Beach Thailand.

  • The Look

    Ally Downes looking very sultry.

  • The Master at Work

    World renowned Indian Flute Player, Milind Date, performing at the wedding of Tanvi Garg and Alok Kehtan in Khao Lak Thailand.

  • My Latest Squeeze

    My beautiful grand-daughter Amelia.

  • Sand Play

    Sand play at sunset along the Andaman Coast in Thailand.

  • Sai Runge Waterfall

    Sai Runge Waterfall in Khao Lak Thailand

  • Driftwood

    Driftwood along the Andaman Coast of Thailand.

  • Tropical Sunset

  • The Meadows Way

    The track to The Meadows Mt Wilson.

  • Poplars by the River

    A magnificent stand of poplars in Autumn colours along the Tumut River at Lacmalac with storms brewing over the Snowy Mountains in the distance.

  • Relic of Broken Dreams

    Who knows what dreams the early pioneers had who build this home in the Adelong Hills... now just an abandoned relic of bygone days.